An adventure on two rails. Step 3: Bled lake (Slovenia)

Thanks to a passage by car over the borderline, we can easily reach Sezana from Trieste. Here we take a small train with three wagons, diesel, all painted by sprays and whose retro coloured benches help us to take place with a lot of fun, in order to cross the unexplored Slovenia. The railway runs along the Soca river,Continua a leggere “An adventure on two rails. Step 3: Bled lake (Slovenia)”


Sacra of San Michele. Journey in the middle of the Angelic Route.

Monviso is a candid cream cornet which invites us to taste di sweet day, while from Carignano we are moving to Val di Susa. The snowy Alps in this sunny winter morning transmit a sense of imposingness and protection, like if nobody but the wind could get over them. Moving in the direction of Sant’Ambrogio, from many miles awayContinua a leggere “Sacra of San Michele. Journey in the middle of the Angelic Route.”

Oria: the 4000 Italian shipwrecked who said NO to Nazism

The memorial day: every 27th of January we remember the massacres committed by the Nazis, as a warning that something similar does not happen again. The mistake we maybe make is to limit – in this memory – only to people who died in the death camps, forgetting all them who lost their life because ofContinua a leggere “Oria: the 4000 Italian shipwrecked who said NO to Nazism”

From Athens to Cape Sounion: discovering Attica

To rent a car in Athens is not difficult. The big Leof. Andrea Siggrou avenue branches off from the center and there are more car rentals than pigeons. For be sure – especially if you have to do a lot of km – it’s maybe advisable an international circuit (as we did). For short journeys maybe you saveContinua a leggere “From Athens to Cape Sounion: discovering Attica”

7 Countries in 30 days. Step 1: Munich (Germany)

Joy, excitement, some fear, a sense of freedom. At the Bologna train station a guy gives me a pat on my backpack and screams: Go to Padua! Padua!!. Surely, he had mistaken me for a foreigner traveling in Italy and he’s encouraging me to visit his hometown, of which he is proud. I have toContinua a leggere “7 Countries in 30 days. Step 1: Munich (Germany)”

7 Paesi in 30 giorni. Tappa 1: Monaco (Germania)

Gioia, entusiasmo, un po’ di timore, senso di libertà. Alla stazione di Bologna un ragazzo mi dà una pacca sullo zaino e mi urla Vai a Padova! Padova!!. Sicuramente mi ha scambiato per uno straniero in viaggio in Italia e mi incita a visitare la sua città, di cui va orgoglioso. Ho da passare un’ora inContinua a leggere “7 Paesi in 30 giorni. Tappa 1: Monaco (Germania)”