Traveling with “Couchsurfing”: the world seen from a couch

Do you trust it? Aren’t you afraid? I’ll never go to unknonwn people’s houses. What if they kill you? Oh, yes, I heard people saying that and much more. Friends, even who I thought to not be sceptic, but open to the others, said to me all this kind of things when I started to use Couchsurfing.Continua a leggere “Traveling with “Couchsurfing”: the world seen from a couch”


Oria: the 4000 Italian shipwrecked who said NO to Nazism

The memorial day: every 27th of January we remember the massacres committed by the Nazis, as a warning that something similar does not happen again. The mistake we maybe make is to limit – in this memory – only to people who died in the death camps, forgetting all them who lost their life because ofContinua a leggere “Oria: the 4000 Italian shipwrecked who said NO to Nazism”

When a “I’ll be back in 10 minutes” become 13 years

I’ve always lived with the idea to have a family. Two old parents, a little brother and two older sisters. One sister is Andreea and she’s 37, the other one is 33, but she left home when she was young. Antida is only 16 years old, but she is a smart girl and she shows most of theContinua a leggere “When a “I’ll be back in 10 minutes” become 13 years”

The violet flowers of Campulung

The chimney of the old chemical factory acts as a sentinel to the city, as a bleak lighthouse that from the hill indicates the presence of the place which was the first capital of Romania, and which is now considered a little bit more than a village. Andrei guides me safely, riding his bike, avoidingContinua a leggere “The violet flowers of Campulung”

Chantal and Stefano Borgonovo. A love that overcome the disease

Killed by the “bitch” – how he himself was used to define the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis  after years of daily fights againts the illness, lost his battle one year ago the Italian soccer player Stefano Borgonovo. When last 27th of June the whole football’s world mobilized to visit the mortuary of the former striker, there is who who watched overContinua a leggere “Chantal and Stefano Borgonovo. A love that overcome the disease”