How to make our life a masterpiece: the recipe of Beatrice Fazi

Beatrice is an actress. But there is much more in her life, a lot to tell and to share, a lot that you can’t see on the screeens zapping between “Un medico in famiglia” and “Il restauratore” (Italian fictions). The semplicity of a person is immediately clear: when she jump down from the train leaping on herContinua a leggere “How to make our life a masterpiece: the recipe of Beatrice Fazi”

From Athens to Cape Sounion: discovering Attica

To rent a car in Athens is not difficult. The big Leof. Andrea Siggrou avenue branches off from the center and there are more car rentals than pigeons. For be sure – especially if you have to do a lot of km – it’s maybe advisable an international circuit (as we did). For short journeys maybe you saveContinua a leggere “From Athens to Cape Sounion: discovering Attica”