An adventure on two rails. Step 3: Bled lake (Slovenia)

Ele trenoIsonzoThanks to a passage by car over the borderline, we can easily reach Sezana from Trieste. Here we take a small train with three wagons, diesel, all painted by sprays and whose retro coloured benches help us to take place with a lot of fun, in order to cross the unexplored Slovenia.

The railway runs along the Soca river, giving to our eyes and to the camera lens a wonderful landscape. The crystal clear water, with nuances of every shade of green and blue, creates an amazing effect between the trees, while our transport runs fast and safe to the goal. While the look stretches out the window, the fantasy flies in other future travels and the enthusiasm for the one just started skyrockets.

Treno sloveniaHalfway the train stops, the conductor says to go down and sends everybod on a bus. Nobody of the travelers, the majority of which are foreigners like us, understand why. After around 30 minutes of travelling on a road in the middle of the wood, we stop next to another small station and we are sent again on the same train. To be together makes beautiful even to be shaked without a reason on transports in a foreign Country, and we restart our journey with a smile bigger than before.

Andrea alla stazione di BledBled lake, our destination of today, reveals to be a very turist destination, but for good reasons: the water is clear and fresh to perfection for giving relief from the heat, te mountains around create a welcoming environment and the island in the middle – with the small church and the pointed belfry – make it very suggestive. On a bank a castle guards the small oasis of peace, turned in the years in a quiet chaotic place, but always fascinating.

Andrea barcaIsola lago BledIMG_2572We rent a boat and we paddle to the island to visit the sanctuary, where in reality there isn’t too much to see. The real beauty is in the context and in imagining how it could be to retreat in the silence of this pearl hidden between the mounts before to be found out by mass tourism.

We find that as boatmen will not have success and, back to the bank, we have a fresh regenerating swim. Just get up from the grassy bank, a belgian couple stop us with curiosity: they saw the patches with the flags (of the Countries I’ve visited) on my backpack and they think we are making a world-tour. Surprised for the meeting, with a laughter we repeat to ourselves how nice and curious is to know other travellers along the path.

An hamburger and a beer precede, for lunch, the typical sweet from Bled, which satisfies our hunger and desire to taste every kind of culinary tradition. A goodbye to this piece of Slovenia which made us to live an amazing day and we are ready to take the next train which, through Jesenice, will bring us to Ljubljana.

Andrea Cuminatto

Pictures by Eleonora Burroni

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