An adventure on two rails. Step 2: Piran, Izola and Koper (Slovenia)

After the first night in Trieste (see the previous article), we choose to do a short step around the small villages of Slovenian coast. Slovenia only has 47km of coast, so it is often ignored by travellers who are searching the good sea and who, usually, simply cross it to enjoy the huge choice offered by theContinua a leggere “An adventure on two rails. Step 2: Piran, Izola and Koper (Slovenia)”


From Athens to Cape Sounion: discovering Attica

To rent a car in Athens is not difficult. The big Leof. Andrea Siggrou avenue branches off from the center and there are more car rentals than pigeons. For be sure – especially if you have to do a lot of km – it’s maybe advisable an international circuit (as we did). For short journeys maybe you saveContinua a leggere “From Athens to Cape Sounion: discovering Attica”