An adventure on two rails. Step 4: Ljubljana (Slovenia)

In Ljubljana, arrived by train in the late afternoon from Bled lake, we are welcomed by Nika, a girl I knew two summers ago in Rotterdam, because she was also hosted by the same girls with Couchsurfing. We had met for few hours and two years are gone, but in spyte of everything she welcomes us with a big smileContinua a leggere “An adventure on two rails. Step 4: Ljubljana (Slovenia)”

An adventure on two rails. Step 1: Trieste (Italy)

Backpacks are ready, the InterRail tickets are arrived, enthusiasm fills us: we can leave for our travel which will make us “circumnavigate” Italy from the north, moving from Slovenia to France through Switzerland. The Intercity train in 5 exact hours brings us from Firenze to Trieste, chosen as our first step because city on a borderline, full of history,Continua a leggere “An adventure on two rails. Step 1: Trieste (Italy)”

Traveling with “Couchsurfing”: the world seen from a couch

Do you trust it? Aren’t you afraid? I’ll never go to unknonwn people’s houses. What if they kill you? Oh, yes, I heard people saying that and much more. Friends, even who I thought to not be sceptic, but open to the others, said to me all this kind of things when I started to use Couchsurfing.Continua a leggere “Traveling with “Couchsurfing”: the world seen from a couch”

7 Countries in 30 days. Step 3: Bruxelles (Belgium)

The banks of the Rhine accompany me away from the German mountains, towards the Belgian plain. Boats and barges are moving slowly on the large river, while on the opposite bank I see passing little quaint villages, still intact, unchanged for centuries,  guarded by the castles perched on the hills behind. Bayreuth, Nuremberg, Koln, Aachen: in halfContinua a leggere “7 Countries in 30 days. Step 3: Bruxelles (Belgium)”