In Belgrade the “good morning” lacks

To land in Belgrade is not as to set foot in an other European city. The people on the bus which brings to the center of the Serbian capital city have a dark look, it’s not full of that joy you usually feel coming back home. Bread and poor fried pastries are selled in little stands andContinua a leggere “In Belgrade the “good morning” lacks”

Athens: antiquity at your fingertips

To land in Athens airport during the morning (after a destroying sleepless night at Rome-Ciampino airport), allows not to waste a day travelling. The best way to reach the city center is bus X95, which for the fix price of 5€ brings you till the very central Syntagma square, where the Greek parliament stands. Here it isContinua a leggere “Athens: antiquity at your fingertips”

7 Countries in 30 days. Step 18: Barcelona (Spain)

We arrive in Barcelona after 15 hours on a night train from La Coruña. The thought that in 24 hours I’ll be in Italy again, after a month travelling, makes me a little bit sad. With my traveling companion, we leave the huge backpacks which accompany us in the safes of bus station, to immerse ourselves inContinua a leggere “7 Countries in 30 days. Step 18: Barcelona (Spain)”