An adventure on two rails. Step 5: Munich (Germany)

Andrea infreddolitoLubiana - MonacoAfter a night in the open at the Austrian train station of Villach, a 7.20 am we take the train which will allow us to cross that small piece of Austria and to reach Munich. The train is one of the best ones ever taken: the compartment is empty and the seats can be joined in the middle. We turn it in a double bed and we fall asleep, albeit briefly. Awakening, the view of a waterfall in the mountains, illuminated by the Sun, gives joy to the beginning of our day.

Risveglio in treno
Awakening in train

I’ve already been in Munich, two years ago, always by InterRail and always for a short stop (read here). For Eleonora is the first time, but even this time we have just the time for a walk. In the turist office the maps are for paying, but we find the way to have one of them for free. We walk through the city center, going around the streets and stopping for some pictures.

The lunch time arrives soon and we stop in the market square: every kind of sausages, sauerkraut and beer satisfy our stomach and allows to Germany to redeem for the antipaty of the waitersPranzo tedesco AndreaPranzo tedesco Eleonora. Ultimately, this was the real reason why we deviated here our travel, and we are happy of this choice.

Stazione MonacoCena in trenoTo bring heavy backpacks, with an even heavier lunch in the stomach, a sleeplees night and a burning Sun above the head, make us to move always slower during the afternoon, watching only the most important things around us and stopping more for relaxing than for taking pictures. We sit a moment on a shaded lawn, and that moment turns in one hour of sleep.

Before to restart the journey, we write a postcard for our families (of course representing beer and sausages), to tell them in an original way about the change of our schedule. Then, with a real travelers dinner based on bread, sardines and corn, we take the first one of the 8 trains that, in 19 hours, will bring us to Montpellier, in France: our next stop!

Andrea Cuminatto

Pictures by Eleonora Burroni

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