How to make our life a masterpiece: the recipe of Beatrice Fazi

Beatrice is an actress. But there is much more in her life, a lot to tell and to share, a lot that you can’t see on the screeens zapping between “Un medico in famiglia” and “Il restauratore” (Italian fictions).

The semplicity of a person is immediately clear: when she jump down from the train leaping on her walking boots exclaiming I wore comfortable shoes, so I seem even younger!, her smile transmits joy of the life. Of her own life as of th one which – saying with a laugh while caressing her belly: I’m a supplì (Italian snack full of rice) – she reveals to lead in lap for the fourth time.

Beatrice Fazi alla Giornata per la Vita (Cinema Odeon - Firenze - 31/01/2015)
Beatrice Fazi speaking at the “Day for Life” (Cinema Odeon – Firenze – 31/01/2015)

Everyone needs to hear a reason to be born – she tells – and I thought to be born for the love of my parents. When they separated, if their love finished I had no more sense. With separated parents, two brothers who wasn’t treating her very well, peers who discriminated her because she wasn’t wearing designer clothes, the sixteen years hold Fazi was searching in the nightlife of Salerno a makeshift, a shelter, a loophole from the life. Often those evenings were a little bit exaggerated, to feel herself different.

From Salerno I went to Rome to try the acting career. I’ve not been accepted to the audition at Accademia d’arte drammatica. With the same audition part, I went to an other drama school: 9.50 of score and an scholarship. I was proud of myself and I thought to have started a dream. The carreer became an idol to which sacrifice anything: friendships, health, money, time, honor, decency. Then I started to suffer the first failures. She was searching her happyness in the carreer by any means, without anything giving her joy. She had parts in TV and theatre, she founded a live music club in which all the big Italian singer went to perform: With a famous singer I even get engaged for 3 years. Then I found out that he cheated me with 12 different girls and I understood that something was going wrong.

I started again to work as waitress – she also tells – and it was there that I met the man I later married. I was with him on motorcycle in the August of 2000, when Rome was invaded by “PapaBoys for WYD. Beatrice hoped to have a summer in a completely desert Rome, but, crossing the city that red traffic light changed her life. The crowd of young people passing on the street chaged her life.

I met the eyes of one of those guys and I almost started to cry. I saw in his eyes the happyness I was searching for. They were on this Earth for unique mission: make of their own life a masterpiece. In that moment I decided to to the same. With a confession during which I checked all the 10 Commandments, a new life started: I understood that Gospel speaks to us, telling us to be happy.

Andrea Cuminatto

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