7 Countries in 30 days. Step 2: Bayreuth (Germany)

In partenza da Monaco
Leaving Munich

The journey by train from Munich to Nuremberg is quiet boring. I’m leaving a little bit tired and already after few minutes I can’t wait to get off that train crowded with commuters. But, once I change the train in the city of the famous trials, I like this one more. It is small and slowly creeps through the woods, making me appreciate every blade of grass in these mountains.

Eperienze italo-tedesche all'Eremitage di Bayreuth
Italian-german experiences at the Eremitage of Bayreuth
Quale momento migliore di arrivare all'Eremitage di Bayreuth, se non per i giochi d'acqua?
What better time to arrive at the Eremitage of Bayreuth, if not for watching waterworks?

At Bayreuth‘s station, Francesco welcomes me in a fantastic way. We put my enourmous travel backpack on his tiny bycicle and we push it through the town to the lawn in front of his house. I don’t know him very well and I met Lena, his German girlfriend, only one time, but I’m happy that they accepted to host me, because they immediately prove to be more than good friends. In half a day they show me Bayreuth: I discover parks and castles, I ride a bike from the Eremitage to a public park where kangaroos, deer and other animals of all kinds are roaming free in large enclosures. I fall in love with the spirit that Wagner left in his city and I quench my thirst of knowledge studying the wonderful local beers.



Germany from the point of view of an Italian is presented to me by Francesco while Lena is at the university; Italy from the point of view of a German is told to me by Lena (about when she lived there) while Francesco is at work. Their welcome makes me feel at home and in travel at the same time, it gives me the opportunity to learn about new things, feeling at ease.

Cena tedesca della cuoca Lena
German dinner of cook Lena

With one of the best beers I have ever tasted, my day ends in the center of the town. This, after a tipical German style dinner, which Lena prepares to get me even more in the local spirit (for lunch Francesco, a good Italian, cracked it up with Barilla pasta and a “Made in Veneto” homemade canned sauce).

I am really sorry to say goodbye to my hosts early in the morning, when after only one day and one night I must leave. In Germany I was just passing through. It isn’t my main destination, but my hosts made me love it too much not to plan future travel dedicated only to this country!

 Andrea Cuminatto

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